Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tin Can Lanterns

My mom had an idea to make lanterns for the night time. So my mom helped me do that.

You will need: 
an empty can 
a candle
a nail
a hammer
and a coat hanger. 

First we poke holes in the shapes you want using the nail and the hammer. Then we poke holes for the handle. You unravel the hanger into a straight line and then put the two ends of the hanger through the holes. Then you take the can and put a candle inside and then light it. Then you put it outside on a tree. And that's it!

Lola's tin can lantern with a sun design

Monday, September 15, 2014

Play Dough Food

I like helping my mom cook, and I wanted to make food for my dolls, too. So I got out my play dough. For breakfast I decided to make bacon and eggs using red and white play dough for the bacon, and yellow and white play dough for the eggs. I was happy with how they turned out.

Lola's bacon and eggs

Then I wanted to make lunch for my dolls, too. So with orange play dough I made a bun, and used yellow play dough to make tiny sesame seeds and a piece of cheese. With black play dough I made the burger. With red play dough I made tomatoes. And with green play dough I made lettuce!

I also made fries. I used red play dough to make the box, and yellow play dough to make the fries. I just rolled tiny bits of dough between my fingers so they got long and skinny.

Lola's burger and fries

I hope you like this idea!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pencils for American Girl Dolls

I love to write and I really wanted my American Girl dolls to write, too. But I didn't have anything small enough for them to use. So I made my own!

My sister, Isabella, had some old mechanical pencils that she wasn't using anymore and she let me have them. I took the top and bottom ends off the pencils. Then I connected the pieces together. That's all! By taking the long part out of the middle, the pencils still look like pencils, they're just a lot smaller and perfect for my American Girl dolls!

Here are pictures:

Josefina holding a pencil, ready to write!

Josefina with pencils in her sash

My Very First Post! A Lizard Home

I got to pick a toy out of the prize box at school, and I picked the black and orange rubber lizard. I like lizards. So when I got home I wanted to make it a house. My older sister, Isabella, gave me an empty box and I sat down to color it with my markers. I love Sharpies!

This is a very simple and easy project. All you need is:

-an empty box
-markers or Sharpies
-a towel or piece of cloth.

I ripped off one side of the box so I can see inside. The piece that I ripped off I decorated with my markers and turned it into a rug for my lizard's house. I decorated the inside and the outside of the box with different designs, colors, and objects. For example, I drew a framed picture of a sunny day on the inside wall, and added some hearts too.

I used an old hand towel and folded it to make a bed for my lizard. If you don't have a towel, you can use a piece of cloth, paper towel, or an old shirt, or even a sock (they make good sleeping bags!).

Here is a picture of my lizard enjoying her house:

Lola's lizard house