Friday, July 17, 2015

Making A Marshmallow Snowman!

I went to my moms work and I saw people making candy snowmen. This is what you need:

-Three marshmallows
-Two pretzels
-1 oreo side
-A string of licorice
-any kind of icing
-and orange tic tac
-and and a wooden stick

Take all three marshmallows and stick them  on the stick. Then take your Oreo half and your Rolo and take your icing put it on the bottom of the Rolo and stick it on your Oreo  and put aside. Now take your piece of licorice and wrap it around your marshmallows. Now take  two pretzels and stick them on the sides. Take your icing and put some eyes a nose, mouth and buttons  now  put  your hat and nose on and enjoy!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

My Reindeer Shirt

I made a reindeer shirt at school. I did it in first grade. I wanted to show you how I made it.

You will need: 

A white t-shirt
Brown fabric paint
Two googley eyes
Your hands
Your foot 
and a red pompom

For the head you use your foot and some paint to make a print on the shirt. For the antlers you use your hands, covered with paint to make two prints. And then you glue the pompom and eyes on. I still wear mine a lot and the nose is still attached!

Lola's shirt

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tin Can Lanterns

My mom had an idea to make lanterns for the night time. So my mom helped me do that.

You will need: 
an empty can 
a candle
a nail
a hammer
and a coat hanger. 

First we poke holes in the shapes you want using the nail and the hammer. Then we poke holes for the handle. You unravel the hanger into a straight line and then put the two ends of the hanger through the holes. Then you take the can and put a candle inside and then light it. Then you put it outside on a tree. And that's it!

Lola's tin can lantern with a sun design

Monday, September 15, 2014

Play Dough Food

I like helping my mom cook, and I wanted to make food for my dolls, too. So I got out my play dough. For breakfast I decided to make bacon and eggs using red and white play dough for the bacon, and yellow and white play dough for the eggs. I was happy with how they turned out.

Lola's bacon and eggs

Then I wanted to make lunch for my dolls, too. So with orange play dough I made a bun, and used yellow play dough to make tiny sesame seeds and a piece of cheese. With black play dough I made the burger. With red play dough I made tomatoes. And with green play dough I made lettuce!

I also made fries. I used red play dough to make the box, and yellow play dough to make the fries. I just rolled tiny bits of dough between my fingers so they got long and skinny.

Lola's burger and fries

I hope you like this idea!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pencils for American Girl Dolls

I love to write and I really wanted my American Girl dolls to write, too. But I didn't have anything small enough for them to use. So I made my own!

My sister, Isabella, had some old mechanical pencils that she wasn't using anymore and she let me have them. I took the top and bottom ends off the pencils. Then I connected the pieces together. That's all! By taking the long part out of the middle, the pencils still look like pencils, they're just a lot smaller and perfect for my American Girl dolls!

Here are pictures:

Josefina holding a pencil, ready to write!

Josefina with pencils in her sash

My Very First Post! A Lizard Home

I got to pick a toy out of the prize box at school, and I picked the black and orange rubber lizard. I like lizards. So when I got home I wanted to make it a house. My older sister, Isabella, gave me an empty box and I sat down to color it with my markers. I love Sharpies!

This is a very simple and easy project. All you need is:

-an empty box
-markers or Sharpies
-a towel or piece of cloth.

I ripped off one side of the box so I can see inside. The piece that I ripped off I decorated with my markers and turned it into a rug for my lizard's house. I decorated the inside and the outside of the box with different designs, colors, and objects. For example, I drew a framed picture of a sunny day on the inside wall, and added some hearts too.

I used an old hand towel and folded it to make a bed for my lizard. If you don't have a towel, you can use a piece of cloth, paper towel, or an old shirt, or even a sock (they make good sleeping bags!).

Here is a picture of my lizard enjoying her house:

Lola's lizard house