Friday, July 17, 2015

Making A Marshmallow Snowman!

I went to my moms work and I saw people making candy snowmen. This is what you need:

-Three marshmallows
-Two pretzels
-1 oreo side
-A string of licorice
-any kind of icing
-and orange tic tac
-and and a wooden stick

Take all three marshmallows and stick them  on the stick. Then take your Oreo half and your Rolo and take your icing put it on the bottom of the Rolo and stick it on your Oreo  and put aside. Now take your piece of licorice and wrap it around your marshmallows. Now take  two pretzels and stick them on the sides. Take your icing and put some eyes a nose, mouth and buttons  now  put  your hat and nose on and enjoy!